Which Salt Device Is Best For You?
April 30th, 2024

Juul vs. Suorin: Your Guide to E-cigarettes Broadripple Indianapolis.

(JUUL vs. Suorin)

I’m sure with the hype behind every type of salt device from Juul to all of the Suorin devices; it can be hard to decide which device is best for you. If it’s your first time vaping, or even if just your next salt device, there are a few basic questions to think about.

First, I like to encourage customers to consider what they would want most out of their e-cig. For some, a simple device that will work without any sort of setup or maintenance; such as Juul is best. Or on the flip side, if they prefer a device with more options and variety in both device and e-juice; any of the Suorin devices may be ideal.

The Benefits of choosing the convenience of Juul include:

-Ease of use

-Less troubleshooting

-Ready to go out of the box

The Benefits of choosing variety, i.e. Suorin include:

-Longer lasting e-liquid

-INDY E-CIGS is a large distributor of Suorin products; therefore we should always have replacement pods and devices in stock.


-Lower cost of e-liquid by volume (i.e. 30ml salt flavors for $19.99 vs 4x 1ml Juul pods at $15.99)

With these simple ideas taken into consideration, it can be much easier to fast track which style of salt device is next on your list! And shopping at the best vape shop in town doesn’t hurt either.