Vaping and Battery Safety: Your Guide to E-cigarettes Indianapolis.
April 30th, 2024

Battery safety is one of the essential concepts in vaping. Whether you have been vaping for years, or are brand new, knowing how to keep your batteries in top shape can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations. It is very easy to keep your batteries safe by paying attention to a few details about your batteries, such as their condition and storage.

Firstly, make sure that your battery is in good condition. Look for scratches and tears in the wrap on the battery, also check for liquid that has gathered under the wrap. If you see any of these, it is an excellent idea to re-wrap your battery. The battery wrap is essential because it helps to contain all the energy inside the battery. Without the good wrap, a battery could short, vent, or even explode. Re-wrapping batteries are very easy and every person that vapes should know how to do it.

Another critical concept in battery safety is storage. Knowing how to store batteries properly can save you a lot of headaches in the future. It is always a good idea to have a battery case to store your batteries in. Battery cases help to prevent your batteries from making accidental contact with other metal or potentially dangerous objects. Also, never store batteries in the same pocket as keys, coins, or any other metal objects.

Indy E-Cigs is very committed to safe vaping. Any of our employees would be more than happy to answer any safety concerns, battery related or otherwise. So, stop by your local Indy E-Cigs for all your vaping needs.