Time to Start “Meshing” Around: Your Guide to Indy E Cigs Fort Wayne
April 30th, 2024

If you’ve been vaping for a while, or at all here in the last year, you have probably heard the word mesh uttered at a myriad of vape shops and by many vapers. The difference a mesh coil can make in your vaping experience is extravagant. This week we’re going to talk about mesh and how it can improve your vaping experience, but first let us break a few things down about coils.

Electronic Cigarettes, ranging from a high-end mod with a tank on top to an Ego AIO pro, all have one very simple thing in common. Coils. Coils are what heat up and vaporize your e-liquid to provide you with nicotine and delicious flavors. There are many different materials that coils can be made from. The most common materials are Kanthal, Nichrome 80, and 316L Stainless steel. Typically coils come in the form of a regular old round wire. You then take that wire (or a factory does for your sub-ohm coil tanks) and wrap it around a screwdriver or similar tool to make a coil.

You may think all coils are created equally. They all vape right? While this is technically true, they are definitely not all made equal. For instance, wrapping wire around other wires to create a “Clapton” coil, creates a better vape experience. This is because it has a larger surface area to vaporize juice, thus increasing flavor and vapor production compared to a standard round wire build. There are a million different types of Clapton coils with a ton of different techniques involved with wrapping them and different numbers and types of wire required to make these beefy coils.

That seems like a heck of a lot of work, right? Well, that’s where we go back to that lovely word, Mesh. Mesh is usually made from Stainless Steel or Kanthal but what makes it unique is the fact that instead of a small round wire, you have this big web-like strip that’s contacting more cotton and therefore vaporizing way more juice at once (and typically at lower wattages) than your standard coils. This makes it the ideal material to vape on.

In conclusion, nowadays you can get a mesh coil for almost any tank. There are even a few drippers like the Wotofo Profile RDA designed explicitly for mesh coils. Aspire just made a nice mesh coil for their Cleito series of tanks. Smok is getting in on the mesh game with coils for the V8 baby and V12 prince tanks ranging from single to triple mesh. And the Freemax Mesh Pro tank even has a quad mesh coil option. These mesh coils, with their great surface area, are a game changer for those who have often vaped a tank and complained that they couldn’t taste their juice. If you are interested in mesh coils or have more questions, stop in and see us! We will be happy to help!