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dodi Delta 9 Drink Mix - Lemon Lime (10 pk.) - 100mg

In stock

Product Description

Looking for a completely new way to experience cannabinoids? Our delta 9 drink mix is just for you! This innovative product combines the benefits of cannabinoids with the convenience of a powder that can be easily mixed with any beverage. 

This product contains 10 drink sticks, each stick has 10mg of Delta 9 for a total of 100mg of Δ9. 

Instead of eating, vaping, or smoking, this drink mix powder delivers it to you in a tasty and easy-to-use format - Simply mix our drink powder with your favorite beverage (we recommend 12oz of water or soda) and enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids.

There are delayed effects experienced with consuming Delta 9 THC drink mixes. After consuming, allow 1-2 hours for activation. Please consume responsibly.

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